Laura Hois

Committed to the Community

The policies coming out of Springfield don’t represent our priorities or values. Instead of accountability and restraint, we see corruption and runaway spending. It’s time to end the status quo.


Government should pursue an economic agenda to encourage job growth, not hinder it. Increasing burdensome regulations and raising taxes pushes employers to relocate their businesses outside of our state. Economic growth and employer investment are necessary to achieve rising wages. Laura supports policies that allow Illinois to compete for high-wage jobs and improve the quality of life for its citizens.


Every year, our elected officials talk about the need for property tax reform, yet the problem persists with no action. Homeownership is the biggest investment most people will make in their lives, yet their home values fall because of rising taxes and diminishing economic opportunities. Laura believes government must be streamlined and consolidated so the overall tax burden, especially property taxes, is lessened.


From increasing income tax rates twice to doubling the gas tax, the Illinois General Assembly continually makes taxpayers pay more without implementing necessary structural reforms. Laura differs from the incumbent state representative who backed efforts to make it easier for legislators to increase tax rates. Laura opposes efforts to give legislators a blank check. Kicking the can down the road is not the job of an effective legislator. Laura believes a thorough review of state government is necessary to repeal outdated programs and identify and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse of tax dollars.